C8 Corvette Stingray Prices FINALLY Coming Back Down?

c8 corvette

Check out this video from Cars, Costs and Technology on his take on C8 Corvette Pricing. Do you think he is right and the pricing will come down?

He does say its going to hold it’s value and thinks it will stay above what you paid for it but thinks the 25-30k mark ups are going to go away. Funny enough we posted about the C8 Z06 is going to be marked up as researched from us personally and by one of Speed Phenom’s videos. And most dealers have lists of over 1000 people wanted a C8 Z06 and again is going to be hard to get and marked up.

Even in the last month or so in 2021 there are still dealers marking up the C8 Corvette at 50k as shown here too. And recently a 25,000 mile C8 Corvette that was tracked hard sold for $85k at Carmax which is still insane especially with that high of miles in such a short period of time of less than 2 years.

So not really sure how much the C8 Corvette pricing will come down if at all in the next year since its going to be hard to get a C8 Z06 and the production levels of the C8 Corvette is still a lot lower than the C7 Corvettes. And C7 Corvettes are still selling for high prices with the used car market, inflation, strike, plant closures, and chip shortages. There really hasn’t been any sign from Chevy or General Motors they are going to double production. And the C8 Z06 is just going to create even more buzz for the brand and people wanting to get a C8 Corvette even if they can’t get the C8 Z06.

2023 C8 Corvette Z06 Pricing

Recently we posted another article about the 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 pricing starting at $88,000 based on a build sheet which is close to two Chevy dealers saying it was going to start at $87,000. Read more here and watch these videos.

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