Here’s What CARMAX Offered for my 25,000 Mile C8 Corvette

c8 corvette

Check out this video from Speed Phenom where he takes is track driven 25,000 mile 2LT C8 Corvette to Carmax and see what he is offered.

It’s actually pretty insane after being low balled by come Chevy Dealers in the 60-70k range because of the high mileage. Does Carmax go even lower?

He has a 2022 C8R Edition C8 Corvette coming and already had a 600LT Mclaren as well so its time for him to sell his C8 Corvette he received at the Corvette Museum and drove across the country to California.

We actually posted a Carmax C8 Corvette offer back in October 2020 so you can see the difference almost a year later the two offers. The other one was a 1LT C8 Corvette.

C8 Corvette Carmax

Carmax VS Honda Dealership Offer on my 2020 C8 Corvette

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