C8 Corvette Update with Harlan Charles and the Corvette Team

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In this video by Harlan Charles and the C8 Corvette team he covers all of the production stats, pricing, options and more about the C8 Corvette at the Corvette Museum.

Harlan Charles is the Corvette Product Marketing Manager and towards the end he takes questions from the audience and gives as much information as possible accept for the new C8 Z06 of course.

He even mentions they don’t even know a location they will use for the C8 Z06 release date information on October 26th, 2021.

He covers this and MORE about the C8 Corvette

  • Awards they received for the C8 Corvette
  • Best Resale Value
  • First ever Right Hand Drive
  • The difference between the Corvette C1 in 1981 to now and the 2020 C8 Corvette
  • Breakdown of the most popular options of the C8 Corvette and combinations of options and colors

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