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C8 Corvette

We recently posted some new Reels on Instagram highlighting our Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber Body Kit and wanted to provide some insights their C8 Body Kit why we choose their kit vs many others on the market.

Before we share some insights on their carbon fiber parts they have for the C8 Corvette take a look at’s 2020 3LT Z51 Corvette C8.

We went with Inozetek Chalk Wrap, Vossen Wheels and lowered on Paragon Performance Springs. Also, added engine mods with Fabspeed Valvetronic Cat Back, Soul Performance Sport Cats and American Racing Headers.

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Racing Sport Concepts C8 Corvette Body Kit

As you can see from these Instagram Reels the Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber C8 Corvette Body kit and carbon fiber parts really make the C8 Corvette Stingray Z51 model look more aggressive and give it a way better aero presence than the options from factory.

Racing Sport Concepts was the first Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler manufacturer of the Ducktail Spoiler as many copied after including the new C8 Corvette Z06 having something similar with their low split wing spoiler.

Here are the reasons we decided to go with Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber Parts and Body Kit for our C8 Corvette.

  • First and coolest Ducktail Spoiler that gives the C8 Corvette an improved look in the rear section of the car that is very unique and sleek.
  • All of their carbon fiber parts are very easy to install
  • Racing Sport Concepts has been around a long time and actually have a history of tuning cars as well as making Carbon Fiber Parts for Lamborghini, Porsche, and BMW to name a few.
  • Their customer service is outstanding with great communication and help answering questions via their website, social media channels like Instagram or their toll free phone number. (we have seen many times on Instagram people going the cheaper route and then not getting their carbon fiber parts for months if at all)
  • Their packaging and shipping as well as inventory is well stocked, ready to ship to and prepared to make sure the carbon fiber parts arrive in perfect condition
  • You do not need to cut fenders or modify the car to use their carbon fiber parts to create a really nice looking C8 Corvette body kit with their front splitters, side skirts, and ducktail spoiler.
  • They allow you to buy each of their carbon fiber parts piece by piece in an a la carte fashion or you can piece together a C8 Body kit including a C8 Corvette Diffuser, Engine hatch vents and more.
  • Save You Money from the OEM options while looking better. We covered C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber pricing extensively here.
  • If you want to take it back to stock its very easy to do so vs. if you wide body the car or start cutting fenders it would cost you a lot more to try to get it back to stock and need body work and new fenders and bumpers.

If you decide to go with Racing Sport Concepts for your C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber parts or a full C8 Corvette body kit mention

More pictures of our C8 Corvette that are copyrighted, if used all we ask is please credit and link to our website

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