Cboys TV Buys a New C8 Corvette

Cboys TV a YouTuber with over one million subscriptions out of all the cars he can purchase buys a C8 Corvette.

Per Ben’s video on CBoys TV:

In todays video, Ben receives shipment on his new C8 Corvette. We do some C8 corvette testing and are all amazed at how fast and nice this car is! Ken races it in his new Tesla and it was extremely close! Ben messes with a few corvette owners in his new fit and Micah installs a new wrap on the Giveaway quad!


C8 Corvette News from Rick Corvette Conti

Check out this post by Rick Corvette Conti about the latest C8 Corvette News for 2021 and 2022 C8 Corvette builds, production and allocation.

He mentions that we are at least a year away before a consumer can walk into a Chevrolet car dealer and and purchase a C8 Corvette off the lot.

Rick Corvette Conti also interviews a person that bought Tadge Juechter C8 Corvette that was at an event in California and he was driving that Rick shared in a video.

Rick also said you can order the black trident spoke wheels that are an upgrade from the factory.

We have shared Rick Corvette Conti C8 Corvette news and videos before where he actually made one of the C8 Corvette issues video private after publishing it publicly and will keep the post updated with anymore recent C8 Corvette News from Rick Corvette Conti that he gets from General Motors.

Recently Rick Corvette Conti also responded to some critics on the C8 Corvette Forums too.


(Rick Corvette Conti made his video response private as he does after many rants)



Rick Conti Mentions 2021 C8 Corvette Production Might Be Stopped Until End of June now due to the 400+ suppliers GM relies on

He is saying his insiders are saying two more weeks meaning 4 weeks total until June 21st, 2021. This car’s production has been crazy as the market in general with inflations, houses and the real estate market, chip shortages and more.


Per Rick Conti’s YouTube description:

Today’s Upload; REALTIME NEWS regarding 2021 Corvette allocations not placed yet – THEY WILL NOT BE, all 1100 status orders cancelled!


YouTuber’s C8 Corvette Has a Blown Transmission

Check out these videos of Gabe Rolf Cars on YouTube where he was having transmission issues with his C8 Corvette.

This is the second time we have seen a C8 Corvette have a bad or blown transmission. The first time was from a C8 Corvette owner that just got his car and barely had 100 miles on it and it wouldn’t shift.

This C8 Corvette has over 22,000 miles on it already and now has a blown transmission and a transmission with an electrical issue since it works once he resets the ECU.

The only other major issue was when we shared a story on another YouTuber that blew his C8 Corvette engine and GM replaced it in about 3 weeks.

All that being said the C8 Corvette dual clutch transmission is amazing and the shifts are like butter and switch so easily and quickly. With the dual clutch transmission the next gear is cued up so when you shift it already has that next gear ready to go.

Here are the videos of the C8 Corvette with Transmission Problems

Chevy is hiding major issues with my C8 Corvette? Pt. 3

RACING my C8 Corvette vs a 2016 TWIN-TURBO BMW M4!

Check out this video by YouTuber Brink of Speed where he races his C8 Corvette vs a 2016 BMW M4. If we find any new videos of the new BMW M4 we will add them to this post in the future.

Per his video description of the C8 Corvette vs the BMW M4:

Today, my neighbor and I are doing a little racing. My C8 Corvette vs his 2016 BMW M4 Coupe. It was a blast racing his M4 and the results are going to surprise you.

C8 Corvette vs Ferrari (YouTube Showdown Review!)

Many people have been calling the new Chevrolet C8 Corvette a Ferrari. They also have said it looks like a McLaren and Lamborghini as well.

In this post we are going to keep a running total of every YouTube review of Ferrari models vs the C8 Corvette including when the C8 Z06 and C8 ZR1 comes out.

The C8 Corvette mules have been following Ferrari and Porsche around to test them against the super car and exotic car competition.

Here is the list of every Ferrari video review vs the Chevrolet C8 Corvette.

Ferrari Portofino & Corvette C8 with Kooks Headers and Full Fabspeed Exhaust

A STRANGER CHALLENGED US TO A RACE! (C8 Corvette vs Ferrari 488 Pista)

2020 C8 Corvette vs. Ferrari 458: How Does it Stack Up? (FULL REVIEW)

I drove the new mid-engined Chevrolet C8 Corvette Stingray (a nicely optioned 3LT Z51) for a couple days and it impressed the F outta me 😲 The value of this car is INSANE. I race it against my friend’s Ferrari 458, give you my off-the-cuff impressions after a spirited canyon drive, go over its tech/features and interior, and talk about its price point versus other competitors in the market.

C8 Corvette 3LT Z51 Convertible vs Ferrari 488 Spider

C8 Surprises F8? * Ferrari F8 Tributo 1/4 Mile Testing and Photoshoot with Corvette C8 Camera Car

1/4 Mile testing and rolling shots of the new Ferrari F8 Tributo and Chevrolet Corvette C8.

Ferrari 488 Spider vs C8 Corvette Z51 Convertible

$75K CORVETTE C8 VS $157K FERRARI 458? Ferrari Owner Reviews the C8

Stradman’s C8 Corvette vs. Our Ferrari F430!!! Who’s Faster???

Racing the C8 Corvette vs $4Mil LaFerrari



Drag Racing w/ Stradman (Tesla v C8 Corvette v Ferrari 458)

TWIN-TURBO C8 Corvette testing in PLAIN SIGHT! *LT7 ZR1*

Check out this video by YouTuber Brink of Speed where he shares why he thinks of the recently spotted test mule C8 Corvettes could be a Twin Turbo for the C8 Corvette Zr1 or C8 Corvette Z06.

Per Brink of Speed’s C8 Corvette Twin Turbo Zr1 Z06 video

These are exciting times, ladies and gentlemen, and I’m more than excited to bring you this content. I have teamed up with @Corvette_Ron_Himself to bring this breaking story about a Twin-turbo C8 that has been testing in plain sight, right in front of our noses. Let me know your feedback in the comments below ladies and gentlemen.

There have been many YouTubers that have already built their own Twin Turbo C8 Corvettes that we have reported on our C8 Corvette News site C8CorvetteBlog.com.

For example Emelia Hartford’s 1000 horsepower C8 Corvette Twin Turbo set up and Extreme Turbo Systems 9 second quarter mile Twin Turbo C8 Corvette too.

Chevy Dude Selling Used C8 Corvettes Over MSRP

So Chevy Dude said he won’t sell C8 Corvettes over MSRP if its a new order…

However, ….. He is selling these two C8 Corvettes OVER MSRP since they are going for 100k at auction and wholesale. That’s how crazy the C8 corvette market still is a year later. It’s currently 18 months to wait and 24 months potentially

Check out Chevy Dude explain the C8 Corvette market in this video

C8 Corvette vs Toyota Supra (VIDEOS & More)

As we have posted before the Supra and C8 Corvette came out around the same time and people like to compare them.

Although a Supra is a Toyota it’s basically a BMW Z4 supped up.

Check out these videos of the C8 Corvette vs. Toyota Supra and leave a comment on which one you like better and why.

C8 Corvette VS 2021 Toyota Supra Supercar Swap Ep. 3


2020 Corvette C8 VS 2021 Toyota Supra Drag Race!

C8 Corvette vs 992 Carrera S vs 2021 Toyota Supra // DRAG RACE, ROLL RACE & LAP TIMES

C8 CORVETTE RACES 2020 TOYOTA SUPRA! Can A Tuned Supra Beat A C8 Corvette!?