Protective Film Solutions C8 Corvette Body Kit Build Update! ($10k!)

We have been covering Protective Film Solutions C8 Corvette build from the start and in today’s video update they share more about their C8 Corvette Body Kit that includes Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber and other parts they just purchased to finish the build.

Racing Sport Concepts is known for the best Carbon Fiber body kit for the C8 Corvette as we have used it on our Chalk Grey C8 Corvette as well.

The went with Racing Sport Concepts GT Front Carbon Fiber Splitter, GT Carbon Fiber Side Skirts, a OEM GM rear bumper, Paragon Performance Dive planes, OEM side mirror for a wider view, jack point pucks, front grill guards and Paragon Performance track exhaust. They also ordered the Verus rear diffuser to bolt on to the factory skid plate.

They are using APR performance for a rear wing to make it as close as possible to the C8.R Corvette Race Car.


In this video from Protective Film Solutions you can see their final reveal of their C8 Corvette project to make it as close as possible to the C8.R Race car.

As mentioned above we have been covering their C8 Corvette build from stage one and you can see that here.

Here’s Why I Want To Buy A C8 Z06

In this video car reviewer EddieX on YouTube shares why he wants to own a C8 Z06. He was in a C8 Z06 with one of the engineers so he had the chance to experience a pre production C8 Z06 and he was hooked.

He has an Audi R8 and it made him wonder if he should trade it in or sell it since he loves the new flat plane crank engine on the new C8 Corvette Z06.

The new C8 Corvette Z06 has more emotion and better exotic sounds with the higher RPMs where it revs up to 9k RPMs.

Check out his C8 Z06 Video review and some other points to he considered when determining he wanted to get the new C8 Z06 and making him addicted to it.

The C8 Corvette Z06 is going to be one of the most insane American sportscars ever built. The engine is going to be absolute highlight, a 5.5L flat plane crank V8 that revs to 8600 rpm and makes 670 horsepower. This LT6 is an engineering masterpiece that will be the highest horsepower naturally aspirated V8 EVER. The Z06 brings extensive functionality improvements, more aggressive aerodynamics, styling, grippy Michelin Cup 2R tires, carbon fiber wheels and more. The interior is high quality and filled with modern technology, effectively checking every box you could want in a supercar. After getting to ride in two pre-production Z06s, I have been utterly obsessed. We had the opportunity to get up close with a Z06 at this year’s Chicago Auto Show so let’s talk about the reasons why I absolutely want to add a C8 Corvette Z06 to my garage!

Torch Red C8 Corvette Z06 Stops at The Stradman’s House (VIDEO)

In this video by the Stradman you will see the benefit of having a very big, engaged social media and YouTube following specifically in the automotive space like Stradman. You get first dibs at reviewing and seeing a new C8 Corvette Z06.

Chevrolet decided to have on of their Torch Red C8 Z06 Pre Production cars stop by his house for a few hours where you will hear the center exit exhaust revs of the new Flat plane crank engine. Also, as he points out on his driveway there are cars that are 3,4,5x more then what the C8 Z06 will be starting out at in price with much better performance of 0 to 60 2.6 second and 10.4 quarter mile times.

Also, Check out The Stradman’s Instagram where he shared some photos of the torch red C8 Corvette Z06 that you can see in the video.


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C8R Corvette Edition Sells for $300k at Barrett Jackson (VIDEO)

In this video by Speed Phenom on YouTube he films a C8R Edition C8 Corvette sell for $300k plus the 10% buying fee of $30k.

This is insane since there are literally C8R Edition C8 Corvettes that are on right now for $125k. However, at Barrett Jackson many cars get inflated prices with people living in the moment of the auction vs looking for a deal.

c8.r edition c8 corvette

As you will see in this video even just a base model 1LT sold for $155k and a C8 Corvette with Forgiato wheels sold for 170k. There was a Cunningham edition C8 Corvette which looked like the C8 that was given away at Corvettes at Carlisle that sold for $170k too.

So what do you think will these prices last an will now the next Barrett Jackson auction be flooded with more C8 Corvettes at their next event in Palm Springs Florida on April 7th-9th?

Also, one of the first C8 Z06 production slots was sold for charity for Operation Homefront to Rick Hendrick for 3.6 million dollars. He bought the first 2020 C8 Corvette for charity for $3 million dollars as well and is known to by the first VIN Chevrolet Corvettes.

First 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 sells for $3.6M!!! – Barrett Jackson 2022

MacMulkin C8 Z06 Dealer Tour Date (BREAKING NEWS)

In this video by Fred’s Full Throttle a YouTuber that is covering the C8 Corvette Z06 latest news he shares MacMulkin’s C8 Z06 Dealer Tour dates they provided him as he is in the 1400s on their C8 Z06 reservation list.

Also, he covers the UAW strike with Local 2164, Ciocca Corvette’s Reservation tracker, GM’s letter to Dealerships about C8 Z06 markups and more.

Just because GM sent the letter doesn’t mean the Chevrolet Dealership franchises will listen. Funny enough the top to Chevy Dealers for selling C8 Corvettes that have the biggest lists are Ciocca Corvette (formerly Kerbeck Chevrolet) MacMulkin Chevrolet.

MacMulkin’s C8 Z06 Dealership C8 Z06 tour dates are Saturday, February 19th 2022. Be careful though there are no specifics on the event yet. This is the same weekend Ciocca Corvette announced they are going to have the C8 Corvette Z06 dealer tour they posted on Instagram.

Hot NEW Color Shifting Candy Nardo Grey Wrap on a C8 Corvette

In this video by Paradox the Wrapper he wraps his wife’s C8 Corvette Convertible in a new Shifting Candy Nardo Grey Wrap.

He is a professional wrapper and has wrapped many cars including a color fade on a C7 Corvette but his goal was to wrap this C8 Corvette in the new Shifting Candy Nardo Grey Wrap without taking the car apart.

Normally car wrap shops will remove mirrors, bumpers, ect.. However, he is a professional car wrapper vs a “dismantler”.

What you do think of the new Color Shifting Nardo Grey Wrap on this C8 Corvette?

It definitely changes colors depending on the light and this is the first C8 Corvette wrapped this color.

You can purchase this wrap material at his website here and mention sent you!

C8 Corvette Liberty Walk Wide Body Build Series

In this video you will see Rear Wheel Drive catch everyone up on what he’s been up to and why he hasn’t been posting on YouTube. His C8 Corvette was in an accident but finally he has started to receive the Liberty Walk Wide Body kit.

He also has a C5 Z06 that just had the transmission replaced and takes a visit over to the body shop to see he Liberty Walk Wide Body Kit.

The front bumper was a little damaged from the delivery and he has Rohana Wheels that were suppose to black but came gloss brushed with a polished lip.  Check out more of the Liberty Walk C8 Corvette Build Series below.

If you want to see what a full Wide Body Kit on a C8 Corvette looks like check out our post here from November of 2021 where there were quite few Liberty Walk C8 Corvettes, a an extremely custom wide body C8 Corvette from Label Motorsports and other C8 Corvettes with Racing Sport Concept carbon fiber body kits.

UPDATE: In this video below you can see the full Liberty Walk Wide Body kit on the C8 Corvette without it being painted yet nor are the Rohana Wheels on either. Also, Rear Wheel Drive, Matt mentions he’s not using Liberty walk rear wing and has a company building him a C8 Z06 style wing.

What COLOR Should I Paint My Liberty Walk Wide Body C8 Corvette?

Should You Lower Your C8 Corvette? (VIDEO)

In this video Eight16 Garage on YouTube gives is full review and opinion on whether you should lower your C8 Corvette and his review of the Paragon Performance Lowering Springs.

At first he didn’t like it lowered especially in the front but he made some adjustments with no issues of rubbing or hitting the pavement.

The fender doesn’t come down and hit the tire and the ride quality is the same as stock maybe a little firmer based on his ride height settings.

Also the fender wheel gap look really even and fill the wheel gap from stock a lot better making the C8 Corvette look a lot better.

Corvette C8 Z06 and Ciocca Allocation (VIDEO)

In this video from Records Rebuilds on YouTube he shares his insights on the new C8 Corvette Z06 allocation numbers and what he predicts Ciocca Corvette will get since he is on their list like we are.

The C8 Corvette 2021 Year to Date C8 Sales numbers were leaked on a C8 Forum and Ciocca Corvette formerly Kerbeck sold 1,481 C8 Corvettes that they were allocated in 2021.

Records Rebuilds has been a pretty reliable source first sharing how to reserve a C8 Corvette with the #1 Corvette dealer in the country Ciocca Corvette and then how to get your reservation number with Ciocca since they received over 6,000 initial $2,000 deposits on the list date.

Based on these leaked sales numbers of 1,481 C8 Corvettes that Ciocca delivered he is predicting a low end number of 222-370 Z06 allocations in the first year which would be 15-25% of the same number of C8 Corvettes they sold in 2021.

We agree with this number as it has been historically shown that in the first year of the C7 Corvette Z06 production they made 8,653 C7 Z06 out of the 34,240 C7 Corvettes produced.

If you take 25% of 1,481 C8 Corvettes Ciocca delivered you get about 370 C8 Z06s. This is most likely the best number to go on for now especially considering the 1,481 C8 Corvettes sold at Ciocca last year was during these crazy times with the pandemic and supply chain issues not to mention the tornado hitting the factory and other shut downs.

For more information about the C8 Corvette Z06 check out this resource.