Corvette C8 Z06 and Ciocca Allocation (VIDEO)

c8 z06 ciocca corvette

In this video from Records Rebuilds on YouTube he shares his insights on the new C8 Corvette Z06 allocation numbers and what he predicts Ciocca Corvette will get since he is on their list like we are.

The C8 Corvette 2021 Year to Date C8 Sales numbers were leaked on a C8 Forum and Ciocca Corvette formerly Kerbeck sold 1,481 C8 Corvettes that they were allocated in 2021.

Records Rebuilds has been a pretty reliable source first sharing how to reserve a C8 Corvette with the #1 Corvette dealer in the country Ciocca Corvette and then how to get your reservation number with Ciocca since they received over 6,000 initial $2,000 deposits on the list date.

Based on these leaked sales numbers of 1,481 C8 Corvettes that Ciocca delivered he is predicting a low end number of 222-370 Z06 allocations in the first year which would be 15-25% of the same number of C8 Corvettes they sold in 2021.

We agree with this number as it has been historically shown that in the first year of the C7 Corvette Z06 production they made 8,653 C7 Z06 out of the 34,240 C7 Corvettes produced.

If you take 25% of 1,481 C8 Corvettes Ciocca delivered you get about 370 C8 Z06s. This is most likely the best number to go on for now especially considering the 1,481 C8 Corvettes sold at Ciocca last year was during these crazy times with the pandemic and supply chain issues not to mention the tornado hitting the factory and other shut downs.

For more information about the C8 Corvette Z06 check out this resource.

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