MacMulkin C8 Z06 Dealer Tour Date (BREAKING NEWS)

Macmulkin Chevrolet

In this video by Fred’s Full Throttle a YouTuber that is covering the C8 Corvette Z06 latest news he shares MacMulkin’s C8 Z06 Dealer Tour dates they provided him as he is in the 1400s on their C8 Z06 reservation list.

Also, he covers the UAW strike with Local 2164, Ciocca Corvette’s Reservation tracker, GM’s letter to Dealerships about C8 Z06 markups and more.

Just because GM sent the letter doesn’t mean the Chevrolet Dealership franchises will listen. Funny enough the top to Chevy Dealers for selling C8 Corvettes that have the biggest lists are Ciocca Corvette (formerly Kerbeck Chevrolet) MacMulkin Chevrolet.

MacMulkin’s C8 Z06 Dealership C8 Z06 tour dates are Saturday, February 19th 2022. Be careful though there are no specifics on the event yet. This is the same weekend Ciocca Corvette announced they are going to have the C8 Corvette Z06 dealer tour they posted on Instagram.

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