4 REASONS the 2023 C8 Z06 Corvette could be DELAYED yet again!

c8 corvette z06 delays

In this video by Brink of Speed on YouTube he shares the 4 reasons the UAW is threating General Motors with a strike AGAIN.

  1. They want GM to commit to UAW members for contracted jobs (striping of cars, 3D printing ect..)
  2. They want GM to commit to using Local 2164 for the Performance Build Center.
  3. They want a higher pay rate for specific job classifications in the plant that require more skills to perform the job.
  4. They want GM to promise them that they can work on all future Corvettes including any future electric corvettes.

So far they are negotiating the local contract which seems like a short term fix until at least the September 2023 time frame.

It sounds like the UAW Local 2164 is worried about the electric car transition and being able to be paid more for special skills for example the C8 Corvette Z06 that has a hand built engine.

This is interesting because we have spoke with a local service advisor at a Chevrolet dealership and he brought up a good point a year or so ago when he even purchased his first Tesla. He mentioned if cars go electric even the Service centers of franchise dealers are going to look a lot different and need new skills since in electric cars the make up of the cars are a lot different and you aren’t worrying about transmissions or other issues internal combustible engines have to worry about.

Sounds like the UAQ Local 2164 is getting worried about being able to make the electric cars that General Motors and Chevrolet are on a full blitz to become all electric as most of the Automotive manufactures in the industry.

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