C8R Corvette Edition Sells for $300k at Barrett Jackson (VIDEO)

c8 corvette c8r edition barrett jackson

In this video by Speed Phenom on YouTube he films a C8R Edition C8 Corvette sell for $300k plus the 10% buying fee of $30k.

This is insane since there are literally C8R Edition C8 Corvettes that are on Cars.com right now for $125k. However, at Barrett Jackson many cars get inflated prices with people living in the moment of the auction vs looking for a deal.

c8.r edition c8 corvette

As you will see in this video even just a base model 1LT sold for $155k and a C8 Corvette with Forgiato wheels sold for 170k. There was a Cunningham edition C8 Corvette which looked like the C8 that was given away at Corvettes at Carlisle that sold for $170k too.

So what do you think will these prices last an will now the next Barrett Jackson auction be flooded with more C8 Corvettes at their next event in Palm Springs Florida on April 7th-9th?

Also, one of the first C8 Z06 production slots was sold for charity for Operation Homefront to Rick Hendrick for 3.6 million dollars. He bought the first 2020 C8 Corvette for charity for $3 million dollars as well and is known to by the first VIN Chevrolet Corvettes.

First 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 sells for $3.6M!!! – Barrett Jackson 2022

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