Hot NEW Color Shifting Candy Nardo Grey Wrap on a C8 Corvette

color shifting nardo grey wrap

In this video by Paradox the Wrapper he wraps his wife’s C8 Corvette Convertible in a new Shifting Candy Nardo Grey Wrap.

He is a professional wrapper and has wrapped many cars including a color fade on a C7 Corvette but his goal was to wrap this C8 Corvette in the new Shifting Candy Nardo Grey Wrap without taking the car apart.

Normally car wrap shops will remove mirrors, bumpers, ect.. However, he is a professional car wrapper vs a “dismantler”.

What you do think of the new Color Shifting Nardo Grey Wrap on this C8 Corvette?

It definitely changes colors depending on the light and this is the first C8 Corvette wrapped this color.

You can purchase this wrap material at his website here and mention sent you!

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