Less Than 16% of People Dropped off Ciocca Corvette C8 Z06 5k+ List!!

ciocca corvette

In this video Records Rebuilds on YouTube who gave the initial helpful information to get on the number C8 Corvette Car Dealer in the country Ciocca Corvette (Formerly Kerbeck) share more insights on the C8 Z06 waiting list.

He starts off sharing information about the recent possible 2nd UAW strike at the Bowling Green KY corvette plant we just posted about recently. And then he shares plotted data about the Ciocca Corvette list and how you can look up your spot in line.

If you are 500 or lower you are going to be in the same spot since not one person on Ciocca Corvette’s C8 Corvette List dropped off.

Here is a webpage of their website to learn where you are on their list with your email that they will be updating at least once per month possibly the 1st and 15th of every month.

Learn more about the C8 Corvette Z06 here and at his video below.

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