C8 Corvette Liberty Walk Wide Body Build Series

Liberty Walk Wide Body C8 Corvette

In this video you will see Rear Wheel Drive catch everyone up on what he’s been up to and why he hasn’t been posting on YouTube. His C8 Corvette was in an accident but finally he has started to receive the Liberty Walk Wide Body kit.

He also has a C5 Z06 that just had the transmission replaced and takes a visit over to the body shop to see he Liberty Walk Wide Body Kit.

The front bumper was a little damaged from the delivery and he has Rohana Wheels that were suppose to black but came gloss brushed with a polished lip.  Check out more of the Liberty Walk C8 Corvette Build Series below.

If you want to see what a full Wide Body Kit on a C8 Corvette looks like check out our post here from November of 2021 where there were quite few Liberty Walk C8 Corvettes, a an extremely custom wide body C8 Corvette from Label Motorsports and other C8 Corvettes with Racing Sport Concept carbon fiber body kits.

UPDATE: In this video below you can see the full Liberty Walk Wide Body kit on the C8 Corvette without it being painted yet nor are the Rohana Wheels on either. Also, Rear Wheel Drive, Matt mentions he’s not using Liberty walk rear wing and has a company building him a C8 Z06 style wing.

What COLOR Should I Paint My Liberty Walk Wide Body C8 Corvette?

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