Protective Film Solutions C8 Corvette Body Kit Build Update! ($10k!)

protective film solutions

We have been covering Protective Film Solutions C8 Corvette build from the start and in today’s video update they share more about their C8 Corvette Body Kit that includes Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber and other parts they just purchased to finish the build.

Racing Sport Concepts is known for the best Carbon Fiber body kit for the C8 Corvette as we have used it on our Chalk Grey C8 Corvette as well.

The went with Racing Sport Concepts GT Front Carbon Fiber Splitter, GT Carbon Fiber Side Skirts, a OEM GM rear bumper, Paragon Performance Dive planes, OEM side mirror for a wider view, jack point pucks, front grill guards and Paragon Performance track exhaust. They also ordered the Verus rear diffuser to bolt on to the factory skid plate.

They are using APR performance for a rear wing to make it as close as possible to the C8.R Corvette Race Car.


In this video from Protective Film Solutions you can see their final reveal of their C8 Corvette project to make it as close as possible to the C8.R Race car.

As mentioned above we have been covering their C8 Corvette build from stage one and you can see that here.

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