Here’s Why I Want To Buy A C8 Z06

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In this video car reviewer EddieX on YouTube shares why he wants to own a C8 Z06. He was in a C8 Z06 with one of the engineers so he had the chance to experience a pre production C8 Z06 and he was hooked.

He has an Audi R8 and it made him wonder if he should trade it in or sell it since he loves the new flat plane crank engine on the new C8 Corvette Z06.

The new C8 Corvette Z06 has more emotion and better exotic sounds with the higher RPMs where it revs up to 9k RPMs.

Check out his C8 Z06 Video review and some other points to he considered when determining he wanted to get the new C8 Z06 and making him addicted to it.

The C8 Corvette Z06 is going to be one of the most insane American sportscars ever built. The engine is going to be absolute highlight, a 5.5L flat plane crank V8 that revs to 8600 rpm and makes 670 horsepower. This LT6 is an engineering masterpiece that will be the highest horsepower naturally aspirated V8 EVER. The Z06 brings extensive functionality improvements, more aggressive aerodynamics, styling, grippy Michelin Cup 2R tires, carbon fiber wheels and more. The interior is high quality and filled with modern technology, effectively checking every box you could want in a supercar. After getting to ride in two pre-production Z06s, I have been utterly obsessed. We had the opportunity to get up close with a Z06 at this year’s Chicago Auto Show so let’s talk about the reasons why I absolutely want to add a C8 Corvette Z06 to my garage!

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