Tesla Model S Plaid vs C8 Corvette Z51

Tesla Plaid vs C8 Corvete

Check out this video by Acceler8 on YouTube where they drag race a Tesla Model S Plaid vs the C8 Corvette.

So we have 1000 Horsepower AWD Tesla Plaid vs. 495 Horsepower Mid Engine Rear Wheel Drive C8 Corvette. We all know how this is going to start and end right?

The C8 Corvette gets gapped and even the new C8 Z06 that is 670 horsepower with a flat plane crank that is suppose to do 10.4 quarter mile to 10.6 in the quarter mile would get gapped.

Until the C8 Corvette comes out with an All Wheel Drive Hybrid or full electric with a closer horsepower rating and beating the Tesla Plaid on the weight it won’t come close.

Tesla Model S Plaid vs C8 Corvette Z51 | DRAG RACE

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