Will the C8 Corvette Platform Ever Put Out Tesla Model S Plaid Numbers?

Tesla Model S Plaid vs C8 Corvette

So if you are a car person not just Corvette or C8 Corvette I’m sure you have seen by now Tesla launch their new Tesla Model S Plaid edition and are putting up low 9 second quarter mile runs as well as under 1.99 0 to 60 numbers too.

Tesla Plaid Model S Fastest Quarter Mile (1/4) Pass By One of the First 25 Owners

Not only are the new Tesla Plaid performance numbers insane from the factory, there is less headaches worrying about transmissions, mods, ect…

And the Tesla Plaid is beating other production cars like the McLaren P1, McLaren Senna, Porsche GT2 RS, and Lamborghini Huracan at the race track at Leguna Seca

When the C8 Corvette came out one of the first things every owner noticed with the mid engine set up how crazy fast the 0 to 60 launch control was for a base model stingray Z51 car in the 2.5-2.9 range we have seen documented online. But the Tesla Plaid 4 door sedan already beat this and every other $1 million plus super or hyper car in production.

Tesla Plaid vs Nissan GTR on E85

As I mentioned this is the base model C8 currently and there have been talks of a C8 Corvette E-Ray with electric or hybrid technology and the C8 Corvette Zora which based on this Tesla Model S Plaid performance our guess is going to be FULL Electric 1000HP+ to compete. But who knows by then since Chevrolet and General Motors are already having a tough time filling the demand and orders for the base model Stingray Z51 C8 Corvette and it looks like even the C8 Z06 is being pushed back until 2023.

That’s still 2 years away and giving Tesla 2 more years with this Plaid technology leads us to believe its going to be a hard time for any manufacturer to catch up.

Tesla Plaid Event (All the details on the Tesla Plaid Performance (0 to 60, acceleration, 1/4 mile ect…)

PLAID DRAG STRIP TESTING * Tesla Model S Plaid full performance tests


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