C8 Corvette 0 to 60 in 2.6 Seconds

Check out this Video from Prince_Whipz870 where he achieves a 2.6 second 0 to 60 (zero to sixty) in the C8 Corvette.

Per his video notes:

I achieved a 2.6 0-60 time in my non Z51, 1LT 2020 Mid Engine C8 Corvette. In this video I will show you how to achieve that time and give a couple of more pulls. This is a base model car and it really is a beast.


C8 Corvette 0-60 times and Quarter Mile

We have been seeing consistent C8 Corvette o to 60 times at about 2.9 seconds. Including when we launched C8CorvetteBlog’s C8 Corvette here on Instagram.


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Also, there was another C8 Corvette in Arizona that ran a C8 Corvette 0 to 60 time at 2.5 as well here according the C8 Corvette PDR (performance data recorder) built into the car.


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Lastly, the best ALL Motor set up and non Twin Turbo C8 Corvette we have seen via Car_C8 on Instagram ran a 10.55 quarter mile time at 129 MPH.

This is the fastest C8 Corvette Quarter mile time other than a few Twin Turbo C8 Corvettes.

C8 Corvette vs ’19 Tesla Model S Performance & FAST Charger Hellcat – Best 10.55 at 129 1/4 Mile