UPDATE VIDEO Service Technician going OVER 100MPH in C8 Corvette

torch red c8 corvette

JaySmizle on YouTube just released an update to the C8 Corvette Service Tech going 100MPH!

Per JaySmizle’s YouTube Video description and in the video he said YouTube is giving him a hard time with “privacy” concerns with his C8 Corvette recording a service technician which a C8 Corvette feature.

This is an update to those who are interested in my situation documented in my previous video I will now be filing a formal complaint with the CA Bureau of Automotive Repair (B.A.R). Im only considering filing criminal charges for CVC 22348 (b)- Driving over 100MPH on a state highway for now because as you all know I have the video evidence!

You can watch his video update here to see what he has to say about the situation as it stands.

UPDATE VIDEO to service technician going OVER 100MPH in my C8 Corvette 06/18/2021

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