Chevy Dealer Service Tech Drives Customer C8 Corvette over 100MPH!!!

torch red c8 corvette

Check out this video by YouTuber “Jaysmizle” where he recorded a Chevrolet Dealer service technician took his car that was in for service over 15 miles and over 100MPH!

He had to bring it back to them after having other electrical and frunk issues and he has about 3k miles on it per his other C8 Corvette videos explaining his experience so far with the car.

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Per his C8 video description of the service tech taking over 100MPH:

This video definitely hurt to make….PLEASE hit the like button for more people to see this! I reviewed my PDR because I noticed it had a lot of extra miles on it and what I saw was infuriating.. What will GM or Chevy do about this?? THANK GOD the police/CHP didn’t stop this guy for driving recklessly and impound my car for 30days.

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