Battle of the Widebody C8 Corvettes (VIDEO) Pandem vs Streethunter

widebody c8 corvette

Check out this video from TJ Hunt that shows his StreetHunter C8 Widebody Kit vs. Pandem Rocket Bunny C8 Corvette on Toxic Garages.

The Sigala C8 Corvette Widebody was at the Orange County Cars and Coffee. RDB LA is using the Sigala Widebody C8 Corvette Kit to build one as well.

We have covered both the Streethunter Widebody C8 Corvette and Toxic Garages Widebody Kit via Pandem Rocket Bunny individually.

However, in this video you get to see them side by side. The Stradman is also currently building a Widebody C8 Corvette for the SEMA show Nov 2021 in Las Vegas.

Widebody C8 Corvette

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