The Stradman Reveals his Widebody C8 Corvette he is Building for SEMA

the stradman c8 corvette widebody

Check out these videos from James “The Stradman” on YouTube who is on his 2nd C8 Corvette. The first one he sold for $30k profit thinking C8 Corvette prices would come down but they never have.

However, he found another C8 Corvette that he is adding the Pandem Rocket Bunny C8 Corvette kit.

Here is a video of TheStradman revealing it before adding wheels and painting the kit fully rapid blue to match.

Revealing my Widebody C8 Corvette!!

Introducing my Finished Widebody C8 Corvette!!!

In this video in March 2022, TheStradman finally added C8 Corvette aftermarket wheels to his Widebody C8 Corvette that match the rapid blue paint and black section of the Pandem wide body kit.

Doesn’t look like theStradman lowered his C8 Corvette Widebody or put it on airbags or an airbag suspension like most C8 Corvette Widebody set ups do.

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