C8 Corvette Production Numbers (VIDEO, Convertibles Sky Rocket)

c8 corvette convertible

Check out this video from Cars, Costs, and Technology where he covers the C8 Corvette production numbers from 2020 and 2021 so far and compares them to the C7 Corvette production numbers.

As you will see thanks to the chip shortage, UAW strike, and Covid the C8 Corvette production numbers are down vs. C7 Corvette typical production.

  • 2021 there were 26,216 C8 Corvettes produced
  • 2020 there were 20,368 C8 Corvettes produced

The first year of the C7 Corvette in 2014 there were 37,288 C7 Corvettes produced which is only 9,000 units less then both 2020 and 2021 C8 Corvette production combined.

Also, another thing you will see in the video is that C8 Corvette Convertible skyrocketed especially in the 2021 model production year.

BEST & WORST C8 Corvette Color Combos By The Numbers! ’20-21 Production Stats

The National Corvette Museum has released a full summary of the final production numbers for the 2021 C8 Corvette. This summary includes details on the popular colors and options for the 2021 model year. In this video we’ll review the best and worst (by the numbers) color combinations for the C8 Corvette so far (2020-2021).

Check out the full PDF from the National Corvette Museum Here:

FULL Details on C8 Corvette Production stats and combinations


One thought on “C8 Corvette Production Numbers (VIDEO, Convertibles Sky Rocket)”

  1. i have a 2021 – 1LT Zeus bronze C8 with three options.
    carbon flash wheels
    magnetic ride control
    performance exhaust
    wondering how rare this combination is.
    Joe W

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