Chevy Dude’s 700HP Twin Turbo C8 Corvette vs C6 Z06

chevy dude

Check out this video of Chevy Dude race his Twin Turbo 700HP C8 Corvette vs this C6 Z06 at Race Motiv in the Poconos.

This is the first look of Chevy Dude’s Twin Turbo C8 Corvette that was built by Complete Street Performance.

Chevy Dude’s Twin Turbo C8 Corvette ran a 146MPH time and Jake Brake created this video to show both runs.

Boosting my Corvette C8 – The build begins! LS FEST BOUND

The excitement level is off the charts to start the build on my Twin Turbo C8 build. Big shoutout to Complete Street Performance in West Chester PA on getting the build started.

The Chevy Dude Is The First CSP Twin Turbo C8 Customer!

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