Racing Sport Concepts Launches New Carbon Fiber Front Lip

c8 corvette carbon fiber

As we covered many times on our blog Racing Sport Concepts is one of the best options if you are considering adding carbon fiber parts to your C8 Corvette.

Not only can they save you money from ordering C8 carbon fiber parts from the factory OEM (5VM aero kit) directly as covered in this post. They also have been an innovator when it comes to unique carbon fiber styling.

For example, they were the first Duck Bill Rear Spoiler option for the C8 Corvette. Which was made popular on Gabe Florido’s C8 Corvette.

They also launched a carbon fiber front splitter that was unique and track tested for the C8 Corvette. And just released in September 2021 they have launched another front splitter option for the C8 Corvette called the STC or Street Track Corvette front splitter. They use ultra high-detail laser scanning process to map out the perfect OEM mounting locations and fit. This is their “stage 2” front splitter as it comes with large canards on each corner for better downforce and aero when tracking your C8 Corvette. The installation is easy as they use the factory front bumper screws just like they did with their stage 1 carbon fiber front splitter.

They have the experience working with Porsche and Lamborghini carbon fiber parts including the 580 and 610 Huracan and Lamborghini Aventador.

We noticed their instagram post today with the new front splitter highlighted on a customer’s car already.

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