Rear Wheel Drive Sells his Liberty Walk Wide Body C8 Corvette to Carmax? (VIDEO)

c8 corvette wide body kit from liberty walk

Check out this video by Rear Wheel Drive on YouTube as he shares more information on his C8 Corvette Liberty Walk Widebody build and does he sell it to CarMax?

He also takes his Liberty Walk Widebody C8 Corvette build to CarMax to see what they would offer in comparison to the money he spent on a $20,000 wide body kit, $20,000 paint job, $10,000 Rohana wheels, and he paid $20,000 over MSRP to get his C8 Corvette.

Carmax offered him $57,000 dollar for his C8 Corvette which is a lot lower than even Speed Phenom who flipped his stock C8 Corvette with high miles (over 22,000 miles) for $85,000 about 9 months ago.

We have covered popular C8 Corvette Widebody builds we have seen online on YouTube and Instagram and recently shared why we didn’t go with one with our C8 Corvette. Even covered the Hamilton Collection Pandem Widebody C8 Corvette that no one wants to drive.

Instead we stuck to no cutting Carbon Fiber parts for our C8 Corvette and using Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber C8 Corvette Body kit instead.

The Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber C8 Corvette Body aero kit doesn’t require needing an Auto Body or Paint shop and you can easily take the carbon fiber parts off your C8 Corvette and take it back to stock if you want to sell them separately or using them for another C8 Corvette build. Also, the carbon fiber parts to make it look a lot better without widebody fenders etc.. are under $6k for the splitter, spoiler and side skirts. So this option is almost 4x less than a widebody kit.

What do you think of this offer and what Rear Wheel Drive should do to recoup his money on his widebody C8 Corvette?

Currently, Toxic Garages is selling his C8 Corvette Pandem Widebody at Hive Auto as well for $150k+ 

C8 Corvette Liberty Walk Widebody



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