ProCharger C8 Corvette built by Late Model Racecraft (VIDEO)

procharger supercharger c8 corvete

In this video by Late Model Racecraft they share their first experience and first Procharger Supercharger C8 Corvette build. They said its still in research and development as this kit has taken years to perfect and there are now multiple versions of the Procharger Supercharger.

This C8 Corvette use to be owned by Legends Gio and was his first C8 Corvette giveaway vs the truck giveaways he usually does with LGND Supply and now the Lab CT.

The car was sold to Lawrence Motorsport in Scottsdale, AZ and it looks like the new owner brought it to Late Model Racecraft for the new C8 Corvette Procharger Supercharger kit.

We posted it on our Instagram C8CorvetteBlog which is another reason we know so much about each C8 Corvette that is modified along with our blog dedicated to the Corvette C8 platform.

Late Model Racecraft also created an over the engine mounted Twin Turbo system for StreetSpeed717 back in 2020 when he received his first C8 Corvette.


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A ProCharger C8 Corvette is now a real option for you performance guys! You can now add 140-230+ more horsepower to an otherwise stock LT2 C8 Corvette. Sit back and watch Steven take this for a few spirited pulls and talk about the current set-up and what’s to come with Procharger Superchargers and tuning the locked ecu.

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