Model S Plaid vs 1000hp Lamborghini vs 1000hp Corvette C8

c8 corvette vs lamborghini vs tesla plaid

Check out this video by the Dobre brothers on their Dobre Cars channel where they have a 1000 horsepower Lamborghini Aventador and a C8 Corvette race a Tesla Model S Plaid.

The C8 Corvette driver Sarah wouldn’t say how much horsepower and although it has a great launch even stock the Tesla Plaid is just a beast for anything in the streets other than the 2.4 million dollar Rimac.

Model S Plaid vs 1000hp Lamborghini vs Corvette C8

In the video you can see the C8 Corvette has a great launch but dies during the runs. Although it probably is modded with exhaust or bolt ons it doesn’t look like a 1000 horsepower C8 Corvette.

Recently a 1300 horsepower C8 Corvette with Twin Turbos ran low 9s and beat the world record.

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