INSANE Widebody C8 Corvette by RDB LA! Super Wide & Loud!

widebody c8 corvette rdb la

Check out this video by RDB LA as they widebody a C8 Corvette for a customer. They also added their RDB LA wheels and had to do a bunch of custom body shop work on the widebody kit from Sigala as it didn’t fit that good from the beginning.

We been covering the RDB LA Widebody C8 Corvette since the beginning of June 2021 when they first did a video about the start of the C8 Corvette widebody build project. 

Here’s a post of ours that compares 3 different C8 Corvette Widebody kits including StreetHunter Design, Pandem USA and the Sigala Design which this one used.

Do you like the big widebody kits or would you prefer adding carbon fiber aero parts like Racing Sport Designs has?

Per their Widebody C8 Corvette Video

This C8 Corvette project went through the ropes, we had lots of issues with this one as the bodykit was a “prototype” and wouldn’t fit very well. Massive labor went into it to get it to fit properly with no issues after paint. We are finally happy with it (still missing the suspension due to supplier backorder) and get to show you this wild ride. Its Sebring Orange and features GOLD RDB Wheels! Lots more in this episode as we are ALWAYS working on big projects and finishing them daily!

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  1. Hello, I need a right fender for my C8, complete right suspension, front bumper… the same as the one you have with the orange one 🙂 Regards, Rafal

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