Do NOT Spend Over 23k on Carbon Fiber Parts for Your C8 Corvette!

In this video from YouTuber and Former C8 Corvette owner Cars, Costs, and Technology he goes over the new 2022 C8 Corvette options for C8 Corvette carbon fiber parts.

And what you will see is you don’t have to spend that much from the factory and General Motors when there are plenty of carbon fiber part companies and even carbon fiber parts for the C8 Corvette right here on Amazon that make the same parts for a lot less and are extremely high quality.

We speak from experience since our C8 Corvette had a Carbon Fiber Front Splitters from Street Hunter and it’s are second one and Racing Sport Concepts.

Over $23,000 in CARBON FIBER OPTIONS For The 2022 C8 Corvette!

An example in this video and from the 2022 C8 Corvette order price list they have a Carbon Fiber High Wing Spoiler for $6495 but you can save OVER $4,600 by buying Racing Sport Concepts High Wing Carbon Fiber Spoiler for $1,895.00

GM also has the Carbon Fiber Ground Effects package (5vM) listed for $4,995 but again you can save another $2,500 and go with Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber Ground Effects and side skirts for the C8 Corvette for only $2,495 in comparison.

GM has a carbon fiber mirror covers option for the C8 Corvette for $1285.00 but again you get them at Racing Sport Concepts for only $895.

They also have an option for adding Carbon Fiber Front Intake Grille Inserts for $2125.00 but you get them from Racing Sport Concepts for $995.00

Their Carbon Fiber Door Engine Side Intake trim for the vents are listed at $3,150.00 (Code RYQ) but you can get these Carbon Fiber parts again from Racing Sport Concepts for $1,495 and save $1,655!

The one option you could use GM and Chevrolet to upgrade that isn’t that bad is the Carbon Fiber cluster-surround and console door switch (Code FA5) since most aftermarket companies aren’t making them and its priced at about $1,500 which seems more reasonable.

Full list of 2022 C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Part Options

  • Mirror Covers in Visible Carbon Fiber- $1,285
  • High-Wing Spoiler in Visible Carbon Fiber- $6,495
  • Exposed Carbon Fiber Ground Effects Package- $4,995
  • Visible Carbon Fiber door Intake Trim- $3,150
  • Visible Carbon Fiber Grille Insert- $2,125
  • Carbon Fiber Cluster-Surround and Console (Interior)- $1,500
  • Visible Carbon Fiber Removable Roof Panel- $2,495
  • Engine Appearance Package- $995 Total- $23,040

As you can see in Cars, Costs, and Technology video that is over $23,040 in Carbon Fiber parts and you can save over 15k by going with Racing Sport Concepts suggested items we highlighted above or 66% SAVINGS!

Not to mention Amazon has many duck bill Spoiler options for the C8 Corvette you can’t get anywhere else.


Rick Corvette Conti just posted a video after we made this post and talked about some of the same things the other YouTuber and we noticed with the Carbon Fiber parts being overpriced from the factory and Chevrolet.

HOW MUCH carbon fiber you can get on a C8 Corvette and HOW MUCH is costs, make sure you’re sitting down for this one.

C8 Corvette Gets Racing Sport Concepts Spoiler & More!

Check out this video from Stangkilr Productions on YouTube where they add a Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber Spoiler and Paragon Performance new C8 Corvette lowering springs for that tucked in look.

Per their C8 Corvette gets more exotic look video description

In this video its all about my C8. We install an RSC Tuning carbon fiber spoiler, some Paragon Performance lowering springs and repair some damage from getting rear ended!

Searching for C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Parts?

As more and more C8 Corvettes are produced many C8 Corvette owners look to modify their C8 Corvettes with Carbon Fiber parts, wheels, lowering kits, and engine mods.

One of the parts that was hard to find and General Motors and Chevrolet had a shortage of and even stopped selling was their high wing spoiler and well as the C8 Corvette carbon fiber aero kit they offered with side skirts and front lip.

One company we found that is high quality and really stands out nicely is Racing Sport Concepts. They were the first company to build a carbon fiber rear spoiler for the C8 Corvette that has that duck bill look.

We noticed it on Gabe Florido’s C8 Corvette that is very popular on Instagram. He also just added the Racing Sport Concepts carbon fiber diffuser for the C8 Corvette they sell as well.

How to Install a C8 Corvette Steering Wheel (Carbon Fiber ect..)

Check out this how to STEP by STEP installation video from Paragon Performance on how to change your C8 Corvette steering wheel to something nicer like their Carbon Fiber steering wheel they offer.

Per their video “NEW product release! Our own Carbon Fiber C8 Corvette Steering wheel! Stand out from the rest and replace your OEM Steering wheel with a carbon fiber version. This is a direct OEM replacement. All you need to do is transfer your OEM buttons and switches. Alex walks you through step by step in this detailed instructional video!”

C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Install! – How to – Paragon Performance

If you decide to purchase their C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel mention you found this post and their video on

All New 2021 C8 Corvette Accessories

Check out these 2021 C8 Corvette Accessories Chevrolet and GM added to the mix for the C8 Corvette.

Per Brink of Speed’s YouTube Video:

Today, I will show you all the 2021 New C8 Corvette accessories, and GM did an amazing job with these. I love how most of these new accessories make the C8 look even more exotic than it already did. Let me know in the comments below, what you think.

Top Points of the New C8 Corvette Accessories Video:

  • Full Carbon Fiber High Wing Spoiler
  • New Racing Stripes for the hood (Center Stinger Stripes)
  • All Weather Driver Side and Rear Trunk Matt
  • Carbon Fiber B Pillar behind the Roof section
  • Carbon Fiber Air Intakes
  • Rear Tow Hook

Corvette C8 Carbon Fiber Aero & Parts by AG Motorsports

Looking for Carbon Fiber parts for your C8 Corvette? There are many companies coming out with carbon fiber splitters, front lifts, high wing spoilers and more for the Corvette C8.

One of those companies out of Columbus, Ohio is AG Motorsports. From their website they say their mission is to design and manufacture quality parts for the automotive and motorcycle community. Our parts are designed & developed here in the USA, and manufactured with the utmost precision. Our professional and knowledgeable experts are ready to guide you with your next purchase and help you decide which auto products are most suitable to your needs or the needs of your clients.

One of the cool things they offer is a full Carbon Fiber Aero Kit that includes the C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Front Splitter and Side Skirts.

Also, they have a full carbon fiber high wing spoiler and engine cover. They have a Carbon Fiber Z51 Spoiler and C8 Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps and Grill Inserts too.

RSC Tuning Launches Full Line of Carbon Fiber Aero for the C8 Corvette

RSC Tuning better known as Racing Sports Concepts in Ohio has launched a full line of aftermarket C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Aero Kit.

From a full carbon fiber front splitter, to carbon fiber C8 Corvette Side Skirts, and a C8 Corvette Rear Spoiler Wing.

Check out some of these carbon fiber aftermarket products on the C8 Corvette and how nice they look especially when off setting the color on your C8 Corvette whether its white, red, Sebring orange, rapid blue, or even black is gives a very nice look and adds more aerodynamics and better lines to the C8.

Check out RSC Tuning’s website for current pricing by clicking on any of the pictures below and mention you found their products on!

C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Front Splitter

c8 corvette carbon fiber

C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Side Skirts

c8 corvette carbon fiber

C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Spoiler Wing