Details of Every 2023 Z06 Corvette Built So Far

c8 z06

In this video with Rick Corvette Conti he shares the stats on all of the 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 Test Vehicle and pre production builds.

Rick is a car salesman at Couglin Chevrolet of Pataskala in Pataskala Ohio and specializes in selling only corvettes for the dealership.

He gets information directly from General Motors and Chevrolet when it comes to ordering, production, allocations and as the Chevy dealers get the information in the US.

He has mentioned his store was going to have a bidding war for the 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 with his allocations going to the top bidders. Not sure if that has changed or not but that is what he has shared on his social media profile and YouTube when the C8 Corvette Z06 was revealed in October 2021.

In the breakdown he shares there are 96 captured test fleet Corvette Z06s with 54% being coupes and 46% being convertibles. In the video you can learn more about the 96 Test and pre production 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 vehicles and learn how Chevrolet built each car.

The one thing we noticed is the break down seems like a real retail production run and what it really would look like with the options being very similar to what we think people would choose or have chosen with the 2023 C8 Corvette base model stingrays as well.

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