ACS Composite Wickers for the C8 Corvette Z51 Spoiler

Check out this video by ACS Composite where they install Wickers to C8 Corvette Z51 Performance Spoiler.

This is to give you a more aggressive look similar to the C7 Corvette Stage 2 system where they extend a wicker bill panel on the ends of the spoiler.

Per ACS Composite’s Wicker Spoiler Add On Video:


Upgrade the rear end of your mid-engine Corvette Stingray with the Corvette C8 Z51 Spoiler Wicker Conversion System. Improve the rear-end aerodynamics while adding a distinctive look to the Z51 rear spoiler. The wickers do not impede your rear view vision.

Chevrolet noted that the Z51 Spoiler and C8 High Wing carry the same downforce properties, but by adding the ACS C8 Z51 Wickers you will unlock additional downforce greater than those cars equipped with the High Wing! The ACS C8 Z51 Wickers come pre-painted in the Carbon Flash Black finish.

Carbon Flash Black is the black metallic paint you see on your accent / trim pieces such as the diffuser, door feature, grill and more.


00:35 Intro

01:45 Installation

02:00  Masking

2:40 Pre-fit

3:35 Drill pilot holes

4:40 Drill completely

5:20 Insert rivets to hold wicker in place

5:40 Peel tape and apply pressure to wicker

7:00  Rivet

8:10 Outro

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