C8 Corvette vs Acura NSX, Which is Better?

Check out this video review comparison of the C8 Corvette vs the Acura NSX (2nd Gen) by YouTuber RacerX.

In this video you can see the C8 Corvette Naturally Aspirated 495 Horsepower V8 Mid Engine set up vs. the Hybrid Twin Turbo V6 Acura NSX that has 3 electric motors and 573 Horsepower.

Also, the pricing is a very big difference when you can get a base model 1LT C8 Corvette starting at $60k and even Used Acura NSX models are selling for over double or $120k plus!

We shared another C8 Corvette vs Acura NSX  from Speed Phenom as well and he gives more of a track comparison too.

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