Another Blown C8 Z06 Engine (GM Fixes in 2 Weeks)

amplify orange c8 z06 corvette

In this video Marco with SteelAnkles on YouTube discusses his experience with his new C8 Z06 blown engine at 621 miles. As he states he did follow the break in period although he hasn’t had to do that with other cars he has owned.

You can see and hear in the video towards the end a valve or lifter seems to go bad. Also, in the video you can see he is a good sport about the situation since GM and his local Chevy dealer City Chevy in Charlotte, NC actually fixed it and put a new engine in the car in two weeks time.

He mentioned the tech told him there was another C8 Z06 Corvette that had an engine blown as well besides the one in California which was one of the first ones to show it on YouTube.  They wouldn’t let him know what happened but there is a speculation it spun a rod bearing and then locked the engine.

This is the second C8 Z06 with a blow engine and both were under 1,000 miles. The other C8 Z06 that blew an engine we have an article about was at about 52 miles after leaving the dealership in California.

Funny enough he goes by Marco Polo on his YouTube and he said he was going to keep his car and let GM fix it as well. Also, since that incident he has posted YouTube Shorts allowing Sigala Designs to use his car for carbon fiber aero designs so it looks like it was fixed already too.

Now that he has the second engine installed he also did a review of his Amplify Orange C8 Corvette Z06.

2023 C8 Corvette Z06 owner’s review

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