Is The C8 Corvette Convertible Worth $7,500 Extra?

convertible c8 corvette

Check out this video by Cars, Costs, and Technology where he provides a full review off the Corvette C8 Convertible and if it’s worth the $7,500 more vs the Targa Top Standard C8 Corvette.

Some of the Top points about the Hardtop C8 Convertible

  • $7,500 vs. $4500 for 2019
  • Adds 77 pounds to the C8
  • Retracts in 16 seconds at speeds up to 30MPH
  • Uses 6 Electric Motors
  • One positive is when the top is down you hear the exhaust more and less of the direct injection ticking from the Mid Engine
  • Rear Window comes down
  • You can operate the top from the key fob
  • You lose sight of the Mid Engine bay
  • Convertible allows you not to worry about cleaning your Mid Engine bay

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