LTH (Long Tube Headers) and Cats Exhaust for the New C8 Corvette

long tube headers c8 corvette

Here is a few clips showing the brand new LTH EXhaust 1 7/8″ headers into our ECOf cat pipes which are compliant with the EPA.

This is all matched with the factory catback system. Our headers are American made using 304 and mandrel bent.

These are available now fpr $1099 on their website at 

Per Long Tube Headers website:

The OEM Corvette C8 Headers on the 2020 6.2L C8 V8 leave a lot to be desired. The stock unit is manufactured with the goal of suppressing the motors sound as much as possible. This sound deadening robs the motor of vital flow and horsepower. Take your horsepower back with the LTH Long Tube Headers!

The LTH Corvette C8 Headers are finished in our exclusive Titan™ finish that provides an all over matte finish and added durability. These headers can be used with the factory catalytic converter, our high flow cat, or our catless section.

Corvette C8 Headers Key Features

  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Titan™ finish for added durability
  • Modular design allows for use with OEM components
  • Developed for best balance of low end and top end power.
  • Precision designed for perfect fitment.
  • Manufactured in house in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty, as always


The Corvette C8 V8 has an amazing sound, thanks to it’s 6.2L.  Also headers are one of the best mods on this platform, as it gives you more power. Combine this with the incredible sound and you have a winner. Accordingly modifying the catback section of the exhaust will give you more sound, but the headers are really where the power is at.

Certainly Headers free up a lot of power, especially when the car has a tune for the added airflow. Consequently the same is true for the Corvette C8 Headers. Truly any Corvette C8 V8 can benefit from a set of proper headers.

Free up your horsepower and let that V8 sing with Long Tube Headers

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