Car Dealers Marking Up C8 Corvette by Up to $50,000!

c8 corvette mark up

When doing a 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette search on we came across two new listings as of February 21st, 2020 that are marking up the new Chevrolet C8 Corvette by up to $50,0000!!!

Although Chevy Dealers say they won’t mark up the C8 (which we know they are from personal experience or ordering one..)

To be fair so far the listings we see on of Chevy C8 corvette markup is not from a Chevy Dealer listed yet. (we will keep this post updated so bookmark it)

Here is one listing where one sold for $135k!

c8 corvette mark ups

Also, we contacted another dealer listing a C8 3Lt for $74000 but no one called or emailed us back so maybe they are just using this listings as a fake listing or in anticipation of maybe gettings these cars eventually and gathering leads in the meantime by being the first listings.

c8 corvette listings

Then we checked (there were no current C8 Corvette listings)

c8 corvette autotrader listings

and and found they don’t even have a 2020 drop down yet for corvettes like the C8 and only are listing the old C7 2019 new corvettes

c8 corvette cargurus


Updated: September 21st, 2020

Thanks to Covid 19 and the limited availability C8 Corvettes are still being marked up.

There is a used 3LT C8 Corvette for Sale for $115,000 with 5k miles. This spec was most likely in the $84-90k range. So this has a 25-30k mark up.

It does look like it has aftermarket wheels but not much else different from factory.

c8 corvette mark up

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