C8 Corvette Plant Shut Down Again, C8 Z06 Orders Cancelled?

rick corvette conti

In this video Rick Corvette Conti gives an update on the C8 Z06 and clarifies his message of the Bowling Green Kentucky Corvette plant being shut down for more than one week.

Chevrolet sent out emails to certain people including someone at 3400 status that was suppose to have a C8 Corvette Z06 built this week that their C8 Corvette Z06 order was cancelled.

Luckily as Rick points out after checking with sources the email was an error and part of an automated message from Chevrolet.

With the Corvette plant being shut down it will shift build and production weeks pushing them out even further. Ever since the C8 Corvette came out in 2020 it has been nothing but a nightmare with this car and the new C8 Z06.

The supply chain and parts issues are still a problem as well as dealers lying to people on lists and mark ups well over MSRP with most being marked up over $50,000 on the New C8 Z06s ordered for stock vs allowing a customer to order and design it themselves.

Even on Cars and Bids C8 Z06s have been sold for well over MSRP already and there hasn’t even been more than 1,500 made since the first allocations were given in August of 2022.

In this video Rick Corvette Conti shares information about the March 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 allocations and mentions Chevy dealers in the entire country didn’t receive any.

He mentioned now Chevrolet dealers need to wait until April 2023 to see if they can get any more C8 Corvette Z06 allocations to fulfill their C8 Corvette Z06 wait lists.

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