10,000 Mile C8 Corvette Review: Pros, Cons, and More! (VIDEO)

Check out this 10,000 Mile Review by Brink of Speed of the first year pros, cons, and alarming of his C8 Corvette.

Also, he shares some mods he has done and more aftermarket C8 Corvette mods he plans on adding like a front splitter, C8 corvette exhaust, wheels, and an engine cover.

Per Brink of Speed’s Captain America C8 Corvette Video:

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m excited to do this 10,000-mile review for you and show you all the pros, cons, and alarming things I’ve experienced over this past year of driving my C8 Corvette. Hope this helps you understand what you can expect from your C8 after 10,000 miles.

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