Need Side Skirts for Your C8 Corvette?

c8 corvette side skirts

In this video by Paragon Performance they show how to install Verus Engineering Side Skirts. Verus Engineering is one of the options for side skirts for the Corvette C8 that you can find under $1,000.

Most of the aftermarket side skirts you will find are well over $2,000 so if you are looking for another option for your Corvette C8 side skirts under $1,000 check out these Verus Engineering Side Skirts you can find on Paragon Performance website.

C8 Corvette Side Skirts

For example these C8 Corvette Side Skirts in the video below were on sale at the time of this post for $649.99 and are usually priced at $799.00

The Verus Engineering Carbon Polyweave Side Splitter Kit completes the aerodynamic appearance of your Chevrolet C8 Corvette.

These units were designed specifically to flow with the factory rocker panel and feature a horizontal member which reduces the amount of high-pressure air making its way to the bottom side of the vehicle. This high-pressure air produces lift and by reducing this, we reduce lift on the chassis. This is specifically prevalent while the vehicle is in yaw or while turning.

• Reduce Lift (Increase Downforce)
• Improve Overall Aerodynamic Efficiency
• Reduce Lap Times • Increase Gas Mileage
• Will Not Grab and Bend Surfaces Like Aluminum Units
• Will Not Crack and Break Like Carbon and ABS Units
• Abrasive resistant while stiff

** PLEASE NOTE THIS IS POLYWEAVE – It is NOT CLEAR CARBON FIBER.  Polyweave will have some inconsistencies in the material.  THIS IS NOT FOR CAR SHOWS,  IT IS FOR RACE CARS!

If you would like to order these C8 Corvette Side Skirts click this link and put in the notes that you found them on

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