2023 C8 Corvette Z06 Hardtop Convertible CONFIRMED!

c8 z06 convertible

Breaking News from HorsePower Obsessed on YouTube from Vette Titans and Brandon Byer’s Facebook page.

Brandon from Vette Titans spotted the C8 Z06 in the hard top convertible just like Chevy offers in the base C8 Corvette Stingray model. Brandon caught the C8 Z06 out testing in the streets and one of them putting the top down and follows them for a good 6 minutes or so.

The current C8 Corvette convertibles are an extra $7,500 for that option with the C8 Z06 pricing isn’t confirmed yet and there are no details until October 26th 2021 reveal date.


Also in this video you will see Rick Corvette Conti on a hunt for the C8 Z06 Corvette future versions in camo with Brandon. They have a video where Brandon went under the camo covered C8 Z06 to see possibly a magnesium DCT coming to the C8 Z06!

C8 Corvette Z06 Testing in Columbus, Ohio

It looks like their will be 3 variants of the C8 Z06 in 2023, a base model C8 Z06, a C8 Z06 with the Z07 track package, and a C8 Z06 convertible.  Although this one seems real quiet in the video like the new C8 Corvette E Ray will be.

This video below is from Mid Engine Corvette Forum (see description below video)

A good friend of mine, Roger, made my day this morning.

Roger checked into the hotel outside Columbus, Ohio Tuesday night and noticed a C8 parked out back. Upon further investigation, lo and behold four Z06 test mules were staying in the hotel. Roger is on the list to buy a C8 Z06 so is very aware of this car.

Next morning Roger was able to listen to them as they left the hotel parking lot and accelerate onto the freeway. The exhaust sound of four of the Z06’s was exceptional! The last one drove by leaving the parking lot in silent mode, no exhaust sound, even getting up on the freeway. Apparently moving under all electric power. Assuming the E Ray.

Here are some photos and video Roger was able to take. Security was very tight.

Hope you enjoy them as much as Roger and I have.

Thanks Roger!

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