C8 Z06 10% Limitation on C8 Corvette Z06 Production Temporary

c8 z06 allocations and production

In this video by Records Rebuilds he covers the Mac Haik Chevrolet $90,000 over MSRP debacle and leaked document showing that General Motors was going to limit C8 Corvette Z06 production to only 10% of previous years C8 Corvette Stingray production.

The document said 10% of National Allocation Quantity and the target production date is September 12th. As well as the 2023 Corvette Z06 Carbon Fiber would be reduced to 3% of National Allocation Quantity.

However they have started giving out 10% of allocations already and in the comments there will plant restrictions and supplier restrictions.

Records Rebuilds thinks they will ramp up to 30% of allocations to be the C8 Z06 model if they are already starting at 10%.

Mac Haik Chevrolet did reverse course and their General Manager Josh Potts said they will sell it at MSRP after the internet put them on blast.


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