Doug DeMuro Review of the NEW Corvette C8 Z06

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Check out this Video Review of the Corvette C8 Z06 by Doug DeMuro who runs Cars and Bids and has a big following on YouTube for Car Reviews and the “Doug Score”.

2023 Chevy Corvette C8 Z06: Here’s a Thorough Tour of this Beast!

Some of the highlights from Doug DeMuro Corvette C8 Z06 Review

  • 70 is on the back windshield for the 70th anniversary (they will probably introduce the “zora” for the 75th anniversary is our guess
  • Most powerful V8 ever made thanks to the flat plane crank engine
  • Torque is not improved from the Stingray C8 Corvette
  • All Z06 Engines are hand built with their signature which we love because then you know who built it and if something happened their name is on it which we are sure gives them more pride in their work.
  • Z06 badges everywhere to remind you it’s not the base model C8 Stingray Z51
  • Multiple Carbon Fiber Interior Packages for the New Z06 Corvette C8
  • Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
  • The interior comes in 7 different colors, 7 different seat belts, and 7 different brake caliper colors.
  • The convertible performs as well as the coupe because of the rigidity

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