Drag Racing w/ Stradman (Tesla v C8 Corvette v Ferrari 458)

the stradman c8 corvette

Check out this Video of Chandler David Smith and The Stradman Drag Race the C8 Corvette he purchased from the Stradman. He also added a titanium exhaust to the C8 Corvette recently too.

Per the video:

Chandler Smith and the Stradman drag race the Tesla model 3, C8 Corvette, and the Ferrari 458 Spider. This video was filmed the day that Chandler bought the Ferrari 458 spider from the Stradman. They decided to drag race all of the cars and see which was the fastest of the line. In this video, Chandler (in the C8 Corvette) beats the Stradman(driving the Ferrari 458 Spider. After this race the Stradman decided he wanted to take the Tesla against the c8. Surprisingly, the C8 Corvette beat the Tesla off of the line so the Stradman had to take another loss. This is a fun video that gives a great comparison of the three cars.

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