Eikon Motorsports Gives the C8 Lambo Doors

c8 corvette lambo doors

Eikon Motorsports launches the new C8 Corvette Lambo Doors with special pricing at $2999 for the first people to add the scissor doors to their C8 Corvette Expires today June 12th

We are finally here boys!!!!! Just an announcement, the current $2999 pre order price (includes installation) will be removed from our site, www.eikonmotorsports.com in 24 hours. After 24 hours the price will go to retail at $2699 for the kit and an additional $1600 for the installation. So, for those of you that were waiting to see a finished product, you have 24 hours to order at the $2999 price. All orders after will be $4299 for kit, installation, and lifetime warranty.

From their website:


We are proud to announce that we are now officially accepting Pre-Orders for the C-8 corvette. Pre-Order pricing includes the kit, installation, and lifetime warranty on both for $2,999.

Regular retail price is expected to range from $2,899 for the kit by itself and a total price of $4,300 with kit+install.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

Nationwide C8 Lambo Doors Installation Available!

Manufacturer: Vertical Doors Inc.
Vertical Doors, Inc. is the only USA manufacturer. We use domestic carbon steel and all our pivot and strike points are heat treated.
Most companies that have copied our designs use the cheapest means possible to make their kits and since they can just shut down and restart under another name, they don’t worry about the quality of their products.

2 Gas Shocks
2 Vertical Doors, Inc., Lambo Door Hinges (one for each side)
All Mounting Hardware

Direct “Bolt On” Hinge Kit
Mounts to Factory Bolt Pattern
Made in the USA from Domestic Hardened Steel
Patented in the USA
Completely Reversible

Update on C8 Lambo Door Kit – https://www.facebook.com/eikonmotorsports/videos/2720808191475575/


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C8 finally done! Kits will start shipping out soon! for order and installation information go to www.eikonmotorsports.com

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