Elkhart Lake Blue C8 Corvette Z06 Spotted (VIDEO)

elkhart lake blue c8 corvette z06

Check out this video by DetroitMuscle313 on YouTube where he spots an Elkhart Lake Blue C8 Corvette Z06 out on the road.

Right away his first impression is a good one and he mentions how big the tires are since the new C8 Z06 come with Michelin 345/25ZR/21 rear tires.

He also mentions how the C8 Z06 looks a lot more exotic like other mid engine supercars and now with the flat plane crank it has the high revving sounds as well. In this video you will see this is the base model C8 Corvette Z06 since it doesn’t have the higher bird like wing in the rear as the spoiler although it does look like the side skirts are carbon fiber. 

Chevrolet or the Corvette Engineers have been testing these New C8 Corvette Z06s out on the roads in public without any camo a lot more recently we just posted one spotted in the Hypersonic Gray color as well.

What do you think of the Elkhart Lake Blue Corvette C8 Z06?

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