FuelTech’s Twin Turbo C8 Corvette Project

C8 Corvette Twin Turbo

Check out this video explaining how and why FuelTech built their Twin Turbo C8 Corvette step by step.

Their Corvette C8 has Twin Turbos top mounted on the engine similar to Late Model Racecraft.

Per their video:

The Internet buzzed with excitement last month when FuelTech revealed its latest R&D project, a 2020 Corvette that produces 754whp, an output level that was held back by a slipping clutch and has the potential to top 1200whp.

The multi-national technology company integrated its FT600 engine management system with the factory ECU (PCM) and TCU (Transmission Control Unit) to create a seamless solution for ultimate control over the twin turbocharged LT2 engine combination without hacking into the factory ECU.

Here is the story behind the project as FuelTech blends its championship-winning, record setting electronic technology into the C8 Corvette. In the video Anderson explains FuelTech’s highly successful drag racing programs in Sport Compact and the domestic-based door-slammer segments. It is through that success—at the highest level of motorsports—that has prepared the company’s PowerFT engine management systems to be capable of piggybacking on to one of Chevrolet’s most advanced vehicles in its line-up.

Beginning with a clean sheet of paper wasn’t easy but worth the efforts since FuelTech will be building a user-friendly plug-and-play setup for speed shops and enthusiasts.

FuelTech is proving it is more than just a motorsports technology company as it expands into the street market and integrates with OEM electronics. It is the reason you’re seeing #FuelTechEverywhere

Check out all the details about this project 👇 



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