General Motors Replaces C8 Corvette Engine in Less than 3 Weeks!

c8 corvette engine

Recently, one of first 2,700 Corvette C8s had an engine blow up and seize from an engine rod bering. We reported on it a few weeks ago and have been updating the C8 engine post ever since.

In part 4 of the video below MidwestRide Jake on YouTube explains how fantastic the experience was with his local Chevy Dealer Friendly Chevy and the service advisor Gene.

Also, the engineers at GM were quick to have the engine pulled and replaced in less than 3 weeks and the car delivered back to Jake.

He shares how great the experience was and just goes to show the GM and Chevy brand is alive and well. He said at first he didn’t really want to share this even happened in the first place but the video happened initially with a big YouTube Tall Guy Reviews and he wasn’t sure if he would keep his C8 Corvette when it first happened.

However, after having an amazing experience with Friendly Chevrolet in Minnesota and the GM engineers in Detroit, MI he is going to keep it.

Not only did they give him a FREE engine which of course its under warranty they replaced the starter and fuse box as well and didn’t even have to. They also told him that the 500 mile break in is really for the DCT or dual clutch transmission so he should be good to go.

Lastly, another big point he makes is there is nothing close on the car market that can touch the C8 Corvette when it comes to value and even when he looked it was used older supercars like Ferrari and Mclaren that were still $135k an up and again nowhere close the value that the C8 Corvette provides. And for all the haters or whiners about “don’t buy a first run car blah blah blah” he has a message for them at the end since it really didn’t matter now did it? Guess they never heard of a warranty!

Check out the Video below for more details about MidwestRide Jake’s experience with General Motors, Chevrolet and his Corvette C8 engine getting replaced.

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