Highest Priced Corvette C8 Now with only 2700 C8s out in the Wild!

c8 corvette

Just checked Autotrader.com, Cars.com, CarGurus.com and lastly Ebay and the HIGHEST Priced Corvette Midengine C8 is $225,000 with 1,200 HorsePower by Hennessey Performance!!

However, the highest priced non modified Corvette C8 is $159,880 on Cars.com by Silicon Auto Group.

c8 corvette

With C8 corvette production halted at least until May and only 2,700 C8s produced prices are skyrocketing right now. On top of it we all know GM under-priced this car in comparison to Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and Mclaren mid engine cars. Even the 2017 Acura NSX used is over 100k so for a starting price of $59,999 and most people going with the 2LT, 3LT and Z51 packages that take the new C8 to $70k-100k people are getting a steal for this car value wise.

Not surprised these C8s are going for so much are you?

One thought on “Highest Priced Corvette C8 Now with only 2700 C8s out in the Wild!”

  1. Its too bad that the GM manufacturing, marketing, and sales departments have fallen woefully below the engineers who excelled at designing a world class mid engine sports car.

    Adding insult to injury, only a “chosen few” will ever get to own a 2020 c8 corvette. There are many disappointed buyers who felt they had a good chance to own a 2020 corvette.

    What an accomplishment: only 2,700 c8 corvettes, mostly black or white, are now in circulation.

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