How to Install Verus Engineering C8 Corvette Rear Diffuser

C8 Corvette Rear Diffuser

Check out this video from Paragon Performance where they install a Verus Engineering Rear Diffuser they sell on their website for $749.99 (when this was posted, they had it for $150.00 off) in case they up the pricing.

Per their Verus Engineering C8 Corvette Rear Diffuser Install video description:

Further assist your flat bottom C8 Corvette with this Verus Engineering Rear diffuser!

Designed & made in the USA this rear diffuser has been track tested and optimized using CFD software. Improve overall aerodynamic efficiency and increase downforce (29 lbs at 100MPH).

Alex walks you through the full install so you can put this on at home with no problems!

***Hardware will be black***

Verus Engineering C8 Corvette Rear Diffuser

(tell them you saw this on

  • Intro 0:00
  • Tools 0:29
  • Remove wheels 1:04
  • Remove C8 mud flaps 1:24
  • Removing C8 Corvette Panels 2:02
  • Installing Verus C8 Diffuser Brackets 3:28
  • Installing Verus C8 Rear Diffuser 4:31
  • Installing Side Panel hardware 7:34
  • Installing Side Panels 8:34
  • Installing Strakes 8:52
  • Reinstall C8 Mud Flaps 10:08
  • Tightening Side Panels 10:31
  • Outro 11:09

Paragon Performance is an aftermarket marketplace for all types of C8 Corvette parts from brakes to wheels and more.

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